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We will review your current personal training department situation, and then give you strategies and actions you can implement to improve your personal training department’s revenue.

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Are you frustrated with the amount of your personal training revenue? Are you tired of watching your trainers let money walk out the door? Are your personal trainers doing things the way YOU want them to do it, or have they fallen into bad habits? Do you have one trainer who makes the lion’s share of the personal training sales and several others who fight for scraps? Isn’t it time you were known as the place to go for personal training and results?

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We will help fix all of your personal training sales problems and make your PT department more profitable. We will teach your trainers how to be great at sales and how to start making more money with this personal training system.

We will help you double the penetration rate among your members in 9 months and quadruple it in 18 months. Our personal training system has proven itself time and time again. The problem isn’t you, nor is it likely your personal trainers. The real problem is the lack of a dedicated system for generating leads, selling, and getting clients staying and paying longer. Our personal training system will make your PT department profitable…WE GUARANTEE IT!

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